Known Issues


Users who created accounts with Disqus before 11/20/2015 will not receive email notifications. Release 0.9.5 (11/20/2015) allows users to add an email to their profile for notifications and Disqus is now passing an email address so this issue will not affect those creating accounts after 11/20/2015.


Thread Formatting

Currently the thread indents indefinitely. This can make for difficult reading, and a cumbersomely small space to enter your comments. We are adjusting the formatting to limit threading to three levels. Afterwhich comments will be flat and chronological.


The World Table load time

We are always looking to optimize World Table load time. Load time is affected greatly by other components on a page and the sequence in which things load on the page. We work with publishers individually to optimize user experience to the best of our ability.


Browser / OS Incompatibilities

  • Chrome on iOS is not currently supported - compatibility will be added in a future release.
  • IE is not currently supported - we may decide to support this browser at a future time.