Upcoming Features

Web-based Notifications and “Subscriptions”

A future release will include a web-based notifications center in addition to email notifications for new comments.


Updated threading/comment layout

A future release will limit threading to 2 or 3 levels, and make replies to comments chronological (oldest first). After 2 or 3 levels of indenting, comments will be flat and chronological.


Comment Sorting

A future release will allow publishers and readers to sort the comment thread in various ways, including: highest rated comments or commenters or most popular.


Recent Activity in Profile

While the Activity tab in the user profile currently has limited functionality, it will eventually show a more detailed view of a user’s activity in a future release.



A flagging system will be added to a future release. Comments that receive multiple flags from reputable members of the community will be hidden and added to a moderation cue for site admins to review.