Why won't The World Table load?


Occasionally, The World Table is mistakenly blocked by adblockers. If the blog or article page is loading, but the World Table commenting system does not load below the article, try the following:

  1. Confirm that your adblocker is the problem. Pause or disable your adblocker and reload the page. If The World Table now loads, then the problem is most likely with the adblocker. You can try steps #2 and #3, below to fix the problem.
  2. adblockers rely on third-party lists to track and block unwanted items from loading on the page. If these lists are out of date they may need to be updated. Most adblockers have an option to update those lists manually. After updating the lists, unpause the adblocker, clear your browsers cache, and try reloading that page.
  3. If the problem still persists and your adblocker allows for custom exceptions (elements to allow) try adding the following lines:


If none of these solutions worked, the problem is most likely with the site, the browser, or possibly The World Table application. It may be worth trying a different browser - compatible browsers include: chrome, firefox, safari and most mobile browsers. Please send us a ticket describing the problem you are having, the steps you have taken, and details about your operating system, what device you are using, and your browser.


Not Receiving Notifications?

Verifiy Email Address

Login to your World Table profile and check to see if your email address has been added to your account. You should see your email address in the "Email" section if it was added correctly.

Enable Email Notifications

Make sure the checkbox for "notify me of replies to my comments" is checked. If not, select this option to receive notifications.

Check Spam Folder

Although it shouldn't happen, it's possibly that an email from The World Table was sent to your spam folder. Check your spam folder for notifications from The World Table, and if this has happened make sure to whitelist emails from The World Table <> in your email preferences.


Can't Edit your Comment?

Check for Replies

First, make sure you are logged in, and then check to see if someone has replied to or rated one of your comments. Comments and ratings are only editable until someone has replied or rated them. 


My World Table Score changed suddenly.

Adjustments to our Algorithms

We expect to make occasional adjustments to our scoring algorithms, particularly during alpha testing as more user data is compiled. Because of the nature of the scoring algorithms, it is possible for some scores to improve and others to fall based on weighting and the nature of users activity. You can find details about our scoring algorithms here.


Scores don't change immediately after I make a rating.

Scoring processes are not immediate.

Normally, scoring takes moments or at most a few seconds. Occasionally, a high volume of requests or other conflicts may delay that process. If you don't see the results of your scoring immediately, give it a bit - it will take effect soon. Also, keep in mind that we use weighted averages so it is possible that even drastic scores (negative or positive) may have little effect on another users score. For details about our scoring click here.