Version 0.9.8 release notes

10 February 2016



  • Users can subscribe for notifications for new blog posts on a particular site, and for new comments on a particular blog post.
  • Option for authors to auto-subscribe to comments on a post they write
  • Notification digest period options (Daily / Weekly / Never)
  • Users are now able to rate negatively only in proportion to their overall World Table score (i.e., users must build credibility before they can rate negatively).
  • Recent and top comments widget for blog sidebar (for bloggers home page)
  • New comments are given an initial score based on the author's overall score (this will prevent comments from being hidden too easily and facilitate sorting by top comments)
  • Rating only events (ratings without a comment), are now collapsed by default to take up less space in the thread


  • Add a comment to rating-only events (previously you the "save" button was unclickable until you adjusted the rating).
  • Eliminated initial "jitter" when large comments are truncated